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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Reminiscences Of Ireland - Part 2

Third Visit to Ireland - Horsedrawn Caravan Trip - By Bob Donkin

I met Lynda in an MSN internet forum in 2000.  A few of us met up in Manchester but Lynda couldn't make it so I took a trip up to Glasgow to meet up with her and a couple of other members from Scotland.  We immediately hit if off and I started to visit her on a regular basis. In 2005 we took a holiday to Ireland.
I flew up to Glasow and then we both flew to Belfast airport where we were collected by friends and taken to Ballyclare where we stayed for a few days. 
We took the opportunity to visit Belfast.  I was amazed how different it was from my previous visit.  Everyone appeared so friendly and happy it was a world apart from the city I'd visited 30 years earlier.
For various reasons we decided not to hire a car so our journey in Ireland started by catching a bus to Enniskillen where we stayed at the Rossole Guest House B&B. The next day we looked around Enniskillen then took the bus to Sligo. It was late when we eventually arrived at our B&B so we didn't realy get a chance to see much of Sligo.  We did find a nice pub that served evening meals but had a chance to wander round the town late in evening.  Our bus to Castlebar left fairly early and we arrived there in time for lunch. We had a quick tour of the town before going to the supermarket to stock up on food for the week and getting a taxi to Belcarra.

All images Copyright of Bob Donkins

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