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Friday, March 6, 2009

Temple Bar, Dublin City

Temple bar - the cultural quarter of Dublin

Ireland has a lot to offer and Temple bar is one of the must-see's of Dublin city and I would know, having spend much of my early twenties in Temple bar. One of the most colourfull streets in Dublin, Temple bar is lively and energetic with a great night life and friendly atmosphere.

Some of the oldest bars in Dublin are situated in Temple bar and you can find a variety of entertainment from live music (ranging from traditional Irish music to rock/alternative music and everything in between) stand up comedy, street performances, parades, art shows, plays and much more.

There are many options for accommodation in Temple bar to suit all prices and everything you need is close as Temple bar is situated in the heart of Dublin city. You can shop during the day or explore the city, go to live performances or just relax at the meeting house square, there is always something to see. You will also find many fantastic and unusual shops, signs and artistic graffiti in the area such as these

temple bar sign

Skateboarding a few years ago was a popular pastime of the youth around temple bar as they practiced and performed on the streets and ramps in the area, often if they were good, to a large audience of tourists and locals, although you can see from the above sign that not everywhere was the skateboarding appreciated!

graffiti temple bar

Many of the streets in Temple bar are pedestrian only and are great meeting places. There are many street performances and large crowds gather to see musicians, comediens, mimes, drummers, jugglers and more. In Temple bar the entertainment is as much on the paved streets as in the pubs and venues.

The Temple Bar Pub, Temple Bar, Dublin, County Dublin, Republic of Ireland (Eire)
The Temple Bar Pub, Temple Bar, Dublin, County Dublin, Republic of Ireland (Eire) Photographic Print
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Truly worth a visit and an experience you will never forget.

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